Top breeder of American Bulldogs and Minibullz


I  am a small breeding program located about an hour from Ottawa and Montreal in Cornwall, Ontario in a beautiful country setting. 


I have been passionate about dogs from a young age and bulldogs in particular have always struck a cord with me. They are caring, loyal, affectionate, patient and soulful dogs unlike anything else I've experienced. I also enjoy their energy, zest for life and goofiness!


I am extremely selective about which dog make it into my breeding program, all my bulldogs are pennhip'ed and health tested thru Embark.  


 I am looking to create my own line of dogs with the attributes I desire in a pet bulldog. 
Not only do I health test but I am also concentrating heavily on sound temperaments, I want a dog that can follow an active lifestyle with an owner who desires more than just "a dog" I want to produce an intelligent, loyal, confident, active and tenacious bulldog with trainability and a will to please.


Another important trait that I try to consistently produce here at Bully Rascalz is an ON/OFF switch, I want a ready and willing bulldog but not a hyper dog who stays in high drive all the time, the dog must be able to relax and be enjoyable within the household. I also pay special attention to dog aggression as we do not believe this should be encouraged within our breed, please understand there is a big difference between true dog aggression and a dog asserting its dominance. American bulldogs are not the best dogs to bring to a dog park however it should be able to ignore other dogs in controlled situations and be able to live among other pets in the household providing proper socialization and introduction.

I have a few breedings planned this year and although I am looking to keep some of the pups back for my breeding program, I will definitely have some great pets  available for those looking to add a powerful, goofy, determined, active, affectionate, loyal and impressive bulldog to their family!