Feel free to contact us if you would like to share your experience with us!



Hey Julie! Just wanted to let you know that Modi is the best dog ever!! Super affectionate with the family. Great with the kids(aged 3 and 4).Very developed protective instinct which showed up really young! He gets along soo well with our Alapaha, and he is even trying to make best friends with our new cat ( not going so well!) I took some pics yesterday, I'll post them tomorrow.
He is a big, beautiful, muscled beast, and you did a perfect job picking the perfect puppy to join our family! Thanks again! Rickie


Hi Julie just wanted to let you know keelson is doing great he is great with my kids and great with my 14 year old dog ....Tony Spina


She has turned out to be a fantastic dog, really well mannered. Great with people and dogs alike. No separation anxiety and I have her walking in the city without a leash now (very early in the mornings or late at night of course). Anyways, your careful and mindful breeding is a big part of it so thank you for your hard work.



Hey Julie,
I wanted to send you a few more pics of my boy Bronx!! He is such
a good boy for us. Loves to play with kids but knows the boundaries.
He is doing absolutely amazing with his puppy school training as well.
He is extremely smart, learning his commands with very little effort!!
My brother Justin loves Bronx so much he wants to buy a pup from
you in an upcoming litter


Hi Julie, just wanted to let you know that Arkey is doing great, he's good around family members, other dogs. He is one smart puppy, I couldn't be any happier with the pick we have! He's turning out to be one beautiful bully rascal. If we had more room we would definitely get another rascal!! :)  Thank you so much, Ana & Mike

Hi Julie ! Hope your doing well , I had I send you this photo , there is a photo of Akilah on your web page and he looks a lot like her ! Same build . He's doing really good he loves absolutely everyone and every dog lol . He's 85 ibs , but starting to slow down on his weight gain lol. Hope all is well ! Shandie 

I have to say he is a great dog. Friendly with people, good temperament and you don't hear a peep out of him when we are all sleeping - we absolutely love him.



Here's some pics of Wally Julie.  All were taken over the past few days.  He sure has changed our lives.  We would be lost without his little personality.  He is a true gentle giant.  He loves people and other dogs especially.  He is the talk of where ever we go.  We feel truly blessed to have this little (big) Rascal in our lives.
Thanks again Julie.
Your dogs are amazing.

Chris and Cheryl

A quick update and a quick ginormous thank you!!! "Duke" may just be the best puppy I have ever seen (and growing up on a farm with 3 girls obsessed with dogs, we always had puppies!)!! He has surpassed our wildest dreams of "the perfect" dog for our family and we cannot say thank you enough for helping us match up with this sweet, sweet boy! He easily mastered sit and lay down..And now he is staying on command and he knows outside is the bathroom spot (he started scratching on the door Sunday morn!! Yay!! Thank goodness that little bladder is growing as fast as he is!!) He is so chill, so loveable, so sweet, so smart and so cuddly and can go from intense-silly play to sitting calmly (with only minimal guidance) in a heartbeat! I know he will continue to blossom and we are so excited to watch him grow!!! We are so blessed for our little Rascal!! Thank you, again Julie!!!!!!! ♡ Lisa

Ninja is as healthy and happy as ever.

Ninja and I finally moved to the city with Heather. We live in a really nice area with lots of parks, huge trees and winding streets to walk Ninjy. It's also ten minutes away from Heathers work so she walks home everyday to have lunch with and let him outside for a bit. We really enjoy driving out to the many different massive parks that surround the Don Valley area here. He's incredibly friendly still and very curious of all people, dogs and any other animals

Hi Julie! I just wanted to share a few pics of Gemma. I hope u will post on your wall. Gemma is such a sweetheart and loved the afternoon at the beach. It just amazes me how people will instantly be wary of her even though she isn't showing any signs of aggression. I don't think I'll ever get used to that. Then again, it means those people will keep their yappy little dogs away from me.

I am Dottie obsessed.....when I go to my office my workers will ask me "Do you miss Dottie?" after being there 5 minutes!!! lol. I usually just bring her with me to my staff meeting and 75% of the people LOVE her and the rest don't like dogs so I don't much care, I keep bringing her in anyways!!!! lol. We love her so much and will always give her the best of what we are able. My husband, the big tuff guy even gave her one of his pillows!!! hahhaha. Love all your photos and pooches and I will continue to tell everyone where we got Dottie and point them in your direction! Have a great day
Just wanted to send a quick update about Titan. (Milton) he's settling in very well, playing hide & seek with the cats & the shih tzu (Ginger) are the best of friends. They even snuggle sleep together. She's bossy boots to him tho haha. The 2 are constantly running after each other, playing & talking. Oh yes he has shown his vocals as well finally haha. Titan is so full of energy, very well tempered & is training with commands easily so far. Knows his name. Still some accidents with house training but that will come. Words cannot express how happy we are to have this little goof ball aka monster in our lives. He gives us something to laugh about everyday. Whether it be his pouncing at everything, his little nub waggin or throwing his toys in the air barking among the many other characteristics titan shows daily. We took him for his first boat ride on the river & he was so calm but also so curious, Titan did very well.Here are some update pics

Believe it or not Surge gets cuter everyday!  She's the BEST, we love her so much.  Makes us laugh many times a day as I am sure you can recall her goofy personality.  
I have attached a few pics.  I still can't believe she just turned 4! She is still a solid 95lbs and probably 45lbs of that is head (HAHAHA!!).  The first one she looks like Shady's twin, I had to show you!  She still hates the water, but will go in the kiddie pool to get her ball and then jump out.  Obviously she loves mud…….lmao.   The last one is her daily spot, she loves to chill on the picnic table to see what is going on with everyone and is very content there.

Here's a few quick shots I got of this handsome boy. To be honest... These pictures don't do him justice. He's actually lookin a bit lean at the moment. He's doing excellent. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. The best temperament and personality goin-Jon

Hey Julie,

Cory and I just wanted to say thank you again for Creed. She truly is a wonderful dog. House training is going great now. She rarely has accidents, only if I don't get to the door in time. She is also starting to ring the bell to go out. She loves to go for rides and really loves her daycare once a week. They say she plays really well with the other dogs. One of her amazing quality's is how good she is with kids, even the small toddlers. She is so gentle with them. Needless to say we love her! Cory definitely got the snuggly puppy he wanted. Snuggles after breakfast and before bed, Everyday! 😊  
    Thanks again, 
         Jess & Cory

Hi Julie,

We love our minibull Zelda! She makes us laugh at lot and I think we make her happy as well ^^. We go the dog park almost everyday and she LOVES playing with other dogs, I think we might have to get her a sibling at some point... She also loves people, people always comment on how cute she is and everybody is asking what type of dog is she lol. Before getting Zelda I read a lot about raising puppy and I was ready, but it has been way easier to raise her than what I expected. I think you really  prepared her well for potty train, she learned it very quickly when we got her. We stoped crating her gradually when she was around 3-4 months and she never did anything bad. She also doesn't cry at all when we leave and only barks when there is someone by our entrance door. She is cuddly and enjoy being with us and without having anxiety when left alone :) 
Please feel free to share any of the pics. I will send you more pictures and I will try to take some more with my camera and not my phone, so we can see more her details. We are so happy to have baby Zelda in our life :

Our household would be lost without our Shank,( aka, Cruickshank).you are a great Breeder, your patience and attention to detail are second to none, and it shows in your dogs. We look forward to getting another dog from you in the future, when our beloved shank is gone