Minibullz are a composite bulldog breed. My goals are to create a small bulldog with similar attributes to the American bulldog keeping health, temperament and athleticism as a top priority! If you want a lazy fat shelf dog this is not your breed!

I breed for good breathing for more resistance to heat and better stamina.  My Minibullz should have great proportions and healthy body structures, NO BOW LEGS, LOW SLUNG,FLAT FACES freak of natures here!

This has been over 7 years in the making carefully planned and using superior healthy specimens. If you are looking for a small muscular bulldog that can keep up with the big dogs these just might be right for you!

I do not breed them often so please inquire about leaving a deposit for the next planned litter.

Blue River's Carmen is my foundation female. She carries a lot of muscles and is a very alpha female. She is super healthy and very correct in structure. She attracts a lot of attention everywhere she goes with her "look at me" attitude.

Bully Rascalz Taboo!

Co-owned with the Morency family.

Taboo might just be one of the coolest little dogs you will ever meet! Getting closer and closer to my goal. Very confident and friendly girl with a definite zest for life!

Bully Rascalz Ankle Biter AKA Salty!

Salty is the first generation of puppies with natural ears. We split from the Shortybulls because we do not agree with mandatory ear cropping and do not want an extreme  bulldog with unhealthy exaggerated features. Salty is a great step towards a healthy small feisty bulldog breed that can do it all and breathes great. She is playful, drivey and confident, stay tuned to watch her mature. Pictured at 12weeks old.


Thompson's Gr. Ch. Hoffa is the new stud at Bully Rascalz! We cant wait to see what he produces with our girls!

Confident ,sweet and friendly, super chill attitude. He has a near perfect structure and movement!