Minibullz are a composite bulldog breed. My goals are to create a small bulldog with similar attributes to the American bulldog keeping health, temperament and athleticism as a top priority! 

I breed for good breathing for more resistance to heat and better stamina.  My Minibullz should have great proportions and healthy body structures.

All breeding stock is carefully selected to be free of any health issues in hopes toproduce the same.

They should be approximately half the size of an American Bulldog but will vary between 35 and 50lbs with an average of 40lbs....they tend to be stocky and muscular rather then tall but definitely hold more weight then a poodle of the same height :)

Minibullz usually take about 2 years to be fully mature physically!

This has been over 8 years in the making carefully planned and using superior healthy specimens. If you are looking for a small muscular bulldog that can keep up with the big dogs these just might be right for you!

The foundation to these dogs are Shorty Bulls with a pinch of American Bulldog but more importantly is the selection of breeding prospects to create the amazing and unique temperament and look I am after.

I do not breed them often so please inquire about leaving a deposit for the next planned litter.

Blue River's Carmen is my foundation female. She carries a lot of muscles and is a very alpha female. She is super healthy and very correct in structure. She attracts a lot of attention everywhere she goes with her "look at me" attitude.


DTK's Gates is a foundation dog in our minibull pedigrees. Laid back with just enough spunk and go get em, super friendly and self assured.

Kronic was another foundation dog to our Minibull program! Very very drivey little dog with confidence up the ying yang!


Bully Rascalz Panic is produced right here and happens to be the grandma of Cypress! Another ball of muscle and love!


Bully Rascalz Taboo!

Co-owned with the Morency family.

Taboo might just be one of the coolest little dogs you will ever meet! Getting closer and closer to my goal. Very confident and friendly girl with a definite zest for life!

Taboo is retired and living the spoiled pet life xox

Bully Rascalz Ankle Biter AKA Salty!

Salty is the first generation of puppies with natural ears. We split from the Shortybulls because we do not agree with mandatory ear cropping and do not want an extreme  bulldog with unhealthy exaggerated features. Salty is a great step towards a healthy small feisty bulldog breed that can do it all and breathes great. She is playful, drivey and confident!


Thompson's Gr. Ch. Hoffa is now retired. We will move forward with his kids!

Confident ,sweet and friendly, super chill attitude. He has a near perfect structure and movement!

MEB's Damascus will be used for 1 breeding with Salty. We hope to add color and bone. He has a very sweet disposition. Now retired

Larky is out of Taboo and Hoffa and is the sweetest little beast there is! Very clean and easy to train, naturally super sweet with kids of all ages, loves attention!Now 17mths old

Bully Rascalz Hazard is out of Taboo and Hoffa! She is such a cool little meatball at about 25lbs. Still young in this picture but shows great promise, very compact, healthy, super breathing and incredibly friendly!

Hazard is 16mths old

Bully Rascalz Cypress is the product of a collaboration with Pawsitive Bullies Cruella with our very own Hoffa! She is just a happy friendly pup with the typical minibull zest for life! She has high drive, loves to tug and chase things! very capable little bulldog and is exceptionally small!

Just turned a year old and is a purebred Shorty Bull 

PorterHouse is a registered Shorty Bull and has been added to our stable of studs to add more Bulldog traits to avoid our Minibullz getting too leggy and/or terrier like. He has great proportions, super bone and substance and a very sweet teddy bear disposition!


Bully Rascalz Armata

I am so excited and proud of this young guy! He is exactly what I had in mind in creating the Bully Rascalz Minibull. Super clean breathing, smart,  friendly to all and very confident. He is a joy to have around and very comical. We wont be able to use him for a while but it makes us excited to think of what we can achieve in a couple more years to come!

Currently 1 year old