Brahma Brahma Brahma...i look at her, she is my masterpiece girl! If I stopped breeding tomorrow i would be content to have done my very best!

She oozes American Bulldog Tenacity, stubbornness, get up and go and a loyal friend all wrapped up in a beautiful package!

She has some of the typical idiosyncrasies American Bulldogs are known for like chasing anything motorized and running thru the house like a bull in a china shop lol! 

She is powerful in everything she does even her love hurts when she comes in hot! She isn't for the faint at heart but is perfect for me. She follows me everywhere, sits on my feet, never strays far and incredibly affectionate.

She is friendly to friendly strangers but will abuse her power if riled up. She has alot of energy for a big girl but we cant let her get too hot in the summer because she carries alot of muscles and is quite bully which does give her some limitations but decent overall. She does breathe nice and clear.

She is a bit exaggerated in looks while still maintaining a solid structure and free range of motion for such a beast. Brahma usually sits around 95lbs as a mature adult.