INDY 500


Indy has to be the sweetest girl I've ever owned, naturally very gentle for such a big girl tipping the scales around 88lbs. She is very athletic and has pretty good stamina for a bully girl. She has medium drive and a strong off switch, given the choice she will always pick cuddles over chasing toys. 

Indy is also incredibly goofy and comical, just a joy to have around and definitely a beginner friendly bulldog.

She is not a dominant dog and gets along well with the pack. She does not have a strong prey drive. She is very biddable, patient and has never shown aggression to humans.

She is very well balanced front to back with great angulation. She has a beautiful bully look without any exaggerations, truly a great specimen for my breeding program along with being a superb pet!


Indy has now proven to be an excellent mom as well, producing our most famous breeding, The Skittles litter!