IMPULSE PH.20.24, NCL Clear

Impulse is a standard type American bulldog. She is extremely drivey, energetic and fast! She can handle hot weather like a champ and has a lot of stamina which will be great to lock in to my bully breeding program. She is also very smart and learns quickly, she has above average problem solving skills.

She does require regular exercise but in the house she can be very quiet and very affectionate. She is very outgoing and friendly with people.

She does have a high prey and likes to chase things that move. She is a huge fan of any tugging type games!

She is a natural when it comes to bitework and has a natural calm hard bite, although I have not had the opportunity to work this with her regularly.

She has shown no dog aggression thus far but is very protective of things in her possession.


OFA GOOD, PH.20.24