PH .46/.46 NCL Clear,ICH Clear,IDWP3




Bully Rascalz Jr. Ch. Calm Before The Storm AKA Alekeh is a fiesty, energetic and ridiculously athletic bully! She is out of Bully Rascalz Ch. Akilah and Dailey's Ch. Woolly Bully, sister to Bully Rascalz Ch. Dont Push Your Luck .
She breathes perfectly clean and handles heat very well, she loves to run and jump, her favorite is chasing the frisbee and keeping the frisbee away from her brother Shamrock! She stands about 22 inches at the shoulders and weighs in around 75lbs.
She has an almost flawless structure with beautiful angulation. What she lacks in type she makes up for in movement, agility and endurance. She is also shredded with muscles and maintains this look with ease. She is very playful, has a great will to please, alert and a little thats how we love her.
Alekeh has found a new passion in weightpulling, she absolutly adores it! Alekeh's personal best at this time is pulling 32 times her weight....2160lbs!