PH.37.34 , NCL/ICH Clear

I cant say enough about this youngster, im so excited about him! He is confident but sweet and cuddly all in one impressive bully muscular package. He is still young and will only get thicker and more impressive until he reaches 3 years of age. I researched studs to use as an outcross but i believe so much in raising your own dogs to really get to know what you are working with that i purchased Fiction and boy oh boy am i happy i did!!

He is very easy to handle, for example,i can do his nails with ease and has no sensitivities, pretty tough and yes also pretty stubborn lol! He is a happy go lucky laid back kinda guy but dont mistake him for a lazy slug...the boy can boogie for such a thick boy! The future is bright and exciting with the addition of Fiction to the Rascalz breeding program.