PH.38.35, OFA Prelim Fair, Elbow's Normal, NCL Clear, ICH Clear

Bronco is the product of introducing amazing working blood from a fantastic line of American Bulldogs in the USA Heavily influenced by the great work of KIWS. He is out of Bully Rascalz Ch.Shady and KIWS Bulldog Blanco.


I am tremendously satisfied with this boy already at such a young age he oozes potential in both working and showing venues and brings a solid temperament and a super friendly social demeanor. He is loved by everyone he meets.


He attended his first show in Ohio where he did awesome placing amongst some tough older competition! He even went on to win a BEST IN SHOW! He now earned his majors and just needs 25 more pts to earn his champion title. I am very proud of this young boy and to think that he just turned a year old!


We attended The Canadian Rumbull in June 2014 on sunday and Bronco won Best Classic American Bulldog earning him his Champion status!!!



Bronco's amazing above average hip scores!!!