ED Normal, NCL/ICH Clear, PH .36/.40, CGN, OBT





ANCHOR IS A GREAT DOG AND WE LOVE HIM! We co-own him with a good friend from Ottawa, Ontario. He has a temperament to die for, friendly, full of life, drive and the boy has heart like nobodies business! He might be too much for some but just right for me, he will try anything he is asked of and gives it 120% He is quite the comedian and also makes the weirdest noises...he gets it from his mom, they think they can talk! 
He has good overall structure, a wide chest, very short back, barrel chest, good bone, wide muzzle and a great big round head with perfect ears. He is very bully while retaining great athletic ability. He is 23 1/2 inches at the withers and about 88lbs lean.
Anchor has done extremely well in the show ring becoming Junior champion at 6 months attending only a couple of shows and then becoming an adult champion at 16 months old! He is a big show off and loves all the attention!
Summer of 2010 has been a big debut for Anchor because not only did he become a champion but he won his first weight pull competition at The Canadian Rumbull, he earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate and he passed is OBT with the NWDA at the ABRA Nationals in Missouri!
Anchor has proven time and time again to be a well rounded impressive bulldog, we could not be more proud of him! We can only hope to produce more bulldogs of his calibre here at Bully Rascalz.